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Maintaining good dental health is crucial for overall well-being. Prioritize your family's oral health with top-notch care at Pinole Family Dental. From seniors to infants, our dedicated team ensures a beautiful smile and overall well-being through the expertise of a trusted dentist in Pinole.


Same-Day Appointments

Regardless if it is a simple dental exam and cleaning, or a complicated tooth extraction or dental implant surgery, we schedule your appointment the day your want.


Knowledgeable Dental Team

At Top Pinole Dental, our expert team, led by the finest dentist in Pinole, is dedicated to ensuring your smile is both healthy and beautiful with essential dental services.


Complimentary Treatments

We welcome new patients in the community. Join us at our dental practice for complimentary exams and consultations. Your oral health is our commitment.


When you first schedule an appointment with our esteemed dentist in Pinole, CA, you will find how friendly and hands-on our dentists are. They will listen to you carefully and address all issues you may have with your dental health.



AZADEH HOSSEINI is our top Pinole Dentist, a graduate of the University of the Pacific, San Francisco. She always follows the latest treatment techniques and technologies to provide comprehensive dental care to her patients. She prefers supragingival dentistry (minimally invasive) and focuses on painless procedures to ensure optimal comfort and minimized stress.



GHAZAL HOSSEINI is a specialized dental hygienist who has completed her bachelor's from the University of the Pacific. She has been active in continuing various dental educational programs. Minimally invasive procedures are at the core of her dental practices.

Say Goodbye to Dental Problems

Pinole Dental excels in addressing common dental issues like bad breath, gum disease, and tooth decay, impacting general health and confidence. Our professional dentist in Pinole provides comprehensive care to keep dental problems at bay and enhance oral health. Visit us for fresh breath, a winning smile, and improved confidence. Here is why you should get your services from our dentist's office:

State of the Art Technology

We use the latest equipment to provide the best possible treatment. Our experts have the knowledge, experience, and technological solutions to all dental care needs and problems.

Experienced and Caring Pinole Dentists

We have experienced, professional pinole dentists. Our team knows the importance of oral health. That’s why we are passionate about providing the best dental care.

Personalized Dental treatment options

We understand that everyone has unique dental care needs. Therefore, our expert dentists assess and opt for personalized treatment options for optimal results.

Flexible treatment scheduling

Regardless of your dental needs. Best of all, we provide treatment scheduling at your preferred time for added patient convenience.

Convenient location

Fortunately, our dental office is conveniently located in Pinole. You can easily head to it anytime without any hassle.



We appreciate our patients' trust in Pinole Dentist for dental care. You can also contact us at Tel: (510) 500-5598, Fax: (510) 295-4533, and email: info@toppinoledental.com for further details.