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Orthodontic Treatment Phases



In orthodontics there are certain treatment phases that should be discussed. Orthodontic treatment is a highly successful modality that is also highly predictable. Depending on the level of malocclusion that an individual has, orthodontic treatment can occur in one of a number of phases. Orthodontic care can help with everything from an overbite to an under bite to a cross bite as well as teeth overcrowding and other similar types of tooth related problems. The major stages of orthodontic treatment phases include the planning stage, which is where the orthodontist makes a detailed diagnosis of the condition.

The Active Phase

In the planning stage, your dental care provider will look at everything from medical and dental evaluations to getting casting and bite impressions as well as panoramic x-rays and computer-generated images. Even photography that is detailed in nature is often used as a way to draw a precise picture of the current condition of the patient’s oral health. The next phase of orthodontic treatment is known as the active phase. This is where a variety of diagnostic tools are used to diagnose and develop a highly customized treatment strategy for the patient. This is a stage where specific custom orthodontic devices will be recommended to ensure the best quality of treatment.

The Final Phase of Orthodontic Treatment

Whether it is braces or some other type of dental appliance, one thing is sure and that is that your orthodontic specialist will carefully determine what strategy will be best suited to your specific needs. The final phase of orthodontic treatment is that of the retention phase. Once teeth have become correctly aligned, all devices are removed and any further treatment is discontinued. Keep in mind that most patients will require a custom retainer even following treatment. The main purpose of the retainer is to ensure that the teeth stay in their new position and do not shift back to where they were prior to treatment. For any questions about orthodontic treatment contact your Pinole dentist, Dr. Hosseini at Top Pinole Dental.