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Dental Exams And X-Rays



Dental exams along with x-rays are important and systematic processes that a dentist will use to inspect the many aspects of the patient’s oral health. It is used to identify various types of pathologies and ultimately will allow for the development of a customized treatment plan. The main goal and objective of dental exams along with x-rays is to maximize the patient’s oral health over the short and long term. Medical history plays an important role in making sure that a dental exam is successful overall.

Medical History Intake

Medical history may include everything from a list of current medications being taken to whether the patient smokes or consumes alcohol. In addition allergies are discussed as well as any previous experience with anesthesia and any conditions that family members may have experienced in the past. In addition, medical history intake will cover previous surgeries or hospitalizations. The next step with regard to dental exams is to investigate the overall oral health of the patient. This includes a thorough examination of the teeth as well as supporting structures. All surfaces of the teeth are explored including the overall health of the gums and surrounding tissue.

Include an Educational Phase For The Patient

The patient is checked for early signs of periodontal disease while general bite and jaw condition are also checked carefully. Other things that are checked include potential bone loss as well as gum recession and the condition of the tooth enamel. In some instances a dental care provider may choose to apply a fluoride treatment or a sealant as necessary. Finally, every complete dental exam will include an educational phase for the patient. This involves informing the patient about proper habits at home with regard to oral health. Contact your dentist in Pinole, Dr. Hosseini at Top Pinole Dental today for more information on dental exams and x-rays.