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Dental Space Maintainers

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Dental Space Maintainers



A dental space maintainer is used to occupy a given space behind the child’s baby tooth. Not surprisingly there are instances where children experience tooth loss that is unnatural. While regular tooth loss is a part of growing up, some young children experience unintended tooth loss because of trauma, injury or decay. As a matter-of-fact tooth decay is considered to be the number one health problem affecting young children. That said tooth loss has become a major concern today when it comes to young children and their overall health. Children are unique in that replacing a lost tooth is not always the best option.

This Is Where Space Maintainers Come In Handy

That is where space maintainers come into play. For example, when a baby tooth has fallen out as a result of decay or injury, it is typically not necessary to replace a tooth, as a new tooth will eventually come in. This is where space maintainers come in handy. A space maintainer is intended to retain a space in the child’s arch until the regular tooth emerges. The main purpose is to allow for the normal eruption of adult teeth in the proper location.

Removable Space Maintainers and Fixed Space Maintainers

This helps to ensure good dental and oral health as the child develops. If space maintainers were not used, teeth would likely shift, migrate and move and cause a wide range of dental alignment related problems. Space maintainers come in different varieties and sizes. For example, there are removable space maintainers and fixed space maintainers. Fixed maintainers are typically attached to teeth using dental cement. Conversely, removable maintainers are similar to a partial denture and can be removed as necessary. To learn more about the different types of space maintainers contact your dentist in Pinole, Dr. Hosseini at Top Pinole Dental today.