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Pediatric Dentistry




A pediatric dentistry offers dedicated oral health care for children and infants. This type of dental professional also offers dental care for children well into their teen years. Whether it is children with baby teeth in their first six months of life or children in their late teens dealing with wisdom teeth, one thing is sure and that is that a pediatric dentist can help. It is important to note that a pediatric dentist will typically receive additional years of training following dental school. This is because children require special attention when it comes to dental care.

Having Access To Early Assessment and Treatment

A pediatric dental care provider offers comprehensive oral healthcare that includes a wide range of unique services. This includes everything from preventative dental care to cleanings as well as fluoride treatment. In addition, this type of dental care professional will offer nutrition and diet recommendations as well as infant oral health exams. Other benefits of working with a pediatric dentist include having access to early assessment and treatment especially when it comes to straightening teeth and correcting an improper bite. A pediatric dentist will also diagnose a wide range of oral conditions related to everything from diabetes to hyperactivity and gum disease.

Aligning With A Pediatric Dentist As Soon As Possible

Even children who have been injured in automobile accidents or other similar types of events often require the assistance of a pediatric dental care provider. Parents can stay proactive when it comes to their children’s dental health by aligning with a pediatric dentist as soon as possible after a child is born. Working with an experienced and knowledgeable dental care provider that specializes in pediatric dentistry is a sure way to have the best chance possible of long-term quality dental health for children of all ages. Contact your dentist in Pinole, Dr. Hosseini at Top Pinole Dental today for more information.