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Root Canal Therapy



Considered innovative and cutting edge in many ways, root canal treatment or therapy is a dental procedure that is intended to preserve a tooth that would otherwise be lost due to infection, decay or trauma. Also called endodontic therapy, root canal therapy simply removes the infected portion of the inner tooth or root so that the remaining tooth can be preserved. Once the damaged or infected root is removed the tooth is then filled with an inert material as a way to prevent infection.

Retaining a Natural Tooth Intact With Full Functionality

Keep in mind that during the process the tooth’s inner space is thoroughly disinfected. Root canal treatment allows the patient to enjoy the benefit of retaining a natural tooth intact with full functionality. Root canal treatment can take as little as one hour depending on the complexity of the tooth being treated. Patients can expect to work with an endodontist who is a dental professional that focuses on the treatment of diseases of dental pulp. An endodontist receives additional years of training beyond regular dental school. While molars and back teeth often receive root canal treatment, front teeth can also benefit from the advantages of root canal therapy.

Root Canal For Front Teeth

As a matter of fact, endodontic treatment for front teeth is actually easier because of easy access. As an added bonus, the roots of the front teeth tend to be straighter than the roots found in back teeth. In addition, front teeth usually only have one root canal as compared to molars or back teeth that may easily have three or four canals. These reasons along with others make it clear to see why root canal for front teeth is relatively easier as compared to other types of procedures. Contact your Pinole dentist, Dr. hosseini at Top Pinole Dental today for more information on root canal therapy for front or back teeth.