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Fluoride Treatment



Fluoride treatment is a unique type of treatment that is used to help prevent tooth decay at an early age. Most dentists today recommend fluorite treatments twice annually as children’s teeth continue to develop. Fluoride treatment is often combined with routine cleanings and checkups. Many dental care professionals recommend fluoride treatment for children as early as six months of age even before teeth begin to erupt. The treatment can continue up until about 16 years of age to ensure that tooth decay does not become an issue.

Adults Who Have Lacked Good Oral Hygiene Over The Years

Fluoride can be applied to a patient’s teeth in a number of ways including varnish, foam and even oral drops. In addition, it is readily available through the use of fluoridated toothpaste and mouthwash where it has been added. Also worth noting is that there are cases where adults may require fluoride treatment. For example, adults who have lacked good oral hygiene over the years may benefit from fluoride treatment. Even those recently diagnosed with cavities can benefit from fluoride. Equally helpful with regard to fluoride is when it is used for those who have a diet that includes a large quantity of sugar or carbohydrates.

Can Help Patients Avoid Dental Decay

Patients with root exposure and those who have deep pits or fissures in their teeth will find that fluoride treatment can be beneficial. These are just a few examples of how dental fluoride treatment can help patients avoid dental decay and other similar related problems. With so much to offer it is clear to see why fluoride treatment continues to be a popular option for patients of all ages today. Talk with your Pinole dentist, Dr. Hosseini at Top Pinole Dental to learn more about dental fluoride treatment and all that it makes possible in terms of preventing dental cavities and tooth decay.