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Dental Pulp Treatment

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Dental Pulp Treatment



Pulp treatment or therapy is a unique and innovative technique that is designed to help save teeth. While the pulp of a tooth is invisible to the naked eye, it is comprised of a complex network of blood vessels, tissue and nerves. Pulp can easily become damaged especially in children due to tooth decay or some type of traumatic injury. The end result is inflammation, pain and eventual tooth loss. Pulp treatment is sometimes referred to as root canal and is highly effective in treating and restoring a tooth so that may be saved rather than pulled.

Sensitivity To Cold And Warm Food Temperatures

When talking about pediatric dentistry, the dentist will perform pulp treatment on baby teeth as well as permanent adult teeth. While baby teeth are eventually lost, they are still required for eating, good speech development and proper alignment and spacing of eventual permanent teeth. Infection of the pulp of the tooth is often indicated by inflammation and pain. In addition, sensitivity to cold and warm food temperatures along with redness and swelling around the affected area all may indicate that there is a problem with the pulp within the tooth.

Removing The Pulp Of The Tooth

One of the main objectives of pulp therapy or root canal is to avoid the necessity of having to extract the tooth requiring that an artificial tooth be placed. Indeed, the premature pulling of teeth in children can result in a wide range of problems including everything from abnormal tongue development to shifting teeth and other teeth becoming impacted. Removing the pulp of the tooth is a routine procedure that is often done by dental care providers as well as dentists who specialize in pediatric dentistry. Keep in mind that the healthy part of the tooth is left intact and is indefinitely functional for the life of the tooth. Contact your Pinole dentist, Dr. Hosseini at Top Pinole Dental today for more information on dental pulp treatment or therapy.