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Why do I need Regular Dental Exams?

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Why do I need Regular Dental Exams?

Dr. Hosseini

Dental procedures include fillings, thorough cleanings, root canals, tooth extractions, and more. These dental procedures are planned based on patient necessity, whereas dentists recommend regular dental exams at set intervals. You should schedule dental checkups frequently to help prevent the need for more extensive, time-consuming, and potentially invasive dental procedures.

Study Finds

Children in the US who only went to the dentist when they felt pain had higher rates of tooth decay and more fillings than children who went on a routine basis. Children who went to the dentist more often also had fewer teeth removed. A second poll of adults found that those who went in for regular cleanings and exams lost far fewer teeth than those who saw a dentist only when they needed work done. As a result, numerous variables contribute to excellent dental health but maintaining a routine of biannual visits to the dentist is crucial.

Keeping Up with your Dental Checkups

  • The early detection of oral health issues, including tooth decay, mouth cancer, and gum disease, underscores the need to maintain regular dental checkups. 
  •  If the dentist suspects a problem, you'll be able to learn more about your choices for care. As a result, you may lessen the likelihood of developing dental problems and better keep up with your dental hygiene. 
  •  It would help if you still saw the dentist regularly even after undergoing dental work like scaling or a root canal. They assist in the removal of crusted plaque and reduce the likelihood of developing gum disease. 
  • You may need to take a few X-rays during dental checkups if your dentist suggests a specific dental procedure. As a result, the dentist could see the hidden parts like the roots of your teeth and the gum line. The patient and the dentist benefit from this since they are more equipped to decide how to treat the patient's dental condition. 

Bi-Annually Checkups for Everyone?

Unfortunately, there is no foolproof solution to this problem. The frequency of dental checkups depends on a range of factors. Several considerations are of significance when establishing a regular schedule for dental checkups, for instance: 

  • Lifestyle:                                                                                               The prevalence of oral disorders increases with the use of tobacco products and alcohol, and studies reveal that alcoholics have a threefold greater risk of tooth loss than the general population in the United States. You may have to visit the dentist more regularly if you drink heavily or smoke.
  • Mindset:                                                                                              Your commitment to oral, dental, and gum health will pay off in fewer visits to the dentist. Naturally, your dental health will improve if you are rigorous about keeping proper oral hygiene practices, and it will worsen if you aren't. So, if you want to cut down on dental visits, you'll need to make a real effort to maintain good oral hygiene.
  • Genes:                                                                                                  You can only do something about a few aspects of your oral health. If you have a history of cavities, you should take additional care to prevent them. You will require more time and consideration from your dentist if you have an account of certain mouth disorders in your family.
  • Children's Dental Exams:                                                                   Monitor your child's diet, how often they clean their teeth, and whether they feel discomfort or inflammation in their mouth to help avoid dental problems. Don't let them eat sugary meals, especially before sleep, and encourage regular brushing with fluoride toothpaste. Also, have them regularly see a pediatric dentist, at least every six months, who is well-versed in caring for children's teeth and can address any concerns or questions the parents might have about their child's oral health.

In a nutshell

The popular opinion is everyone visits the dentist at least twice yearly. While it is a valuable thumb rule to keep in mind, it's best to think about your mouth, cleanliness, habits, and general health when deciding how often you should visit the dentist. You would save your bucks that might go on intensive surgical procedures due to oral health negligence. However, regular dental exams will help you avoid issues and safeguard your teeth and gums. Additionally, by seeing the dentist often, any problems can be caught early and treated. 

Contact your Pinole dentist, Azadeh Hosseini, DDS, or Ghazal Hosseini, DDS, at Top Pinole Dental to learn more about regular dental exams.


Significance of Dental Exams


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