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Significance of Dental Exams

Good dental health is something we frequently take for granted. Why go to the dentist? It is a common question. Regular dental checkups and cleanings promise us excellent oral health and well-being. Keeping your teeth and mouth healthy not only helps prevent cavities but may also have a positive impact on the rest of your health. It is vital to see your dentist regularly. Our family-style dental care believes that each member of your household should take care of their teeth by visiting us twice a year. If you are still in doubt, let's look at the Significance of Dental Exams.


Precisely what does a dental examination entails?


Examining your teeth and gums is the primary purpose of a dental exam. The maintenance of good oral health necessitates regular checkups. If left untreated, oral health issues can progress to a point where they are unpleasant and debilitating. Typically, both a dentist and dental hygienist can conduct the following actions in a routine exam:


  • Neck, face, jaw, and lymph nodes checkup.
  • Checking gum for any sign of infection.
  • Examining for any sign of chipped, cracked, or loose teeth.
  • Checking the status of already done treatments.
  • A closer look into your bite.
  • Taking dental X-ray.


On top of getting your mouth professionally cleaned twice a year, dental exams are crucial because:


A chance to check for cavities: 


Your next dental exam allows your dentist to spot cavities early. You don't have to wait to see the dentist until you're in excruciating discomfort. Untreated cavities can develop abscesses and even bloodstream infections.


Preventive Dentistry can save your bucks: 


Routine dental exams are cheaper than treating oral health concerns. Preventive dentistry aims to avert oral health problems like tooth decay and gum disease by preventing them from occurring in the first place. Regular dental checkups give our dentists a chance to examine your teeth for any deterioration symptoms so that we can preserve your teeth sooner.


A chance to teach proper oral hygiene at home: 


Correct brushing and flossing are essential to your daily oral hygiene regimen. You're hurting your dental health if you don't eliminate plaque. Our dental hygienists can advise you on maintaining good oral health at home during these checkups.


Preventing oral cancer:


Oral cancer is curable if caught early enough. Dental professionals check for indicators of oral cancer, usually in the form of dead tissues because of a tumor in the mouth.


Catch Bruxism early: 


Sometimes conscious or unconscious clenching or grinding your teeth weakens the structure capability of your teeth. Due to routine checkups, your dentist can suggest night guard for bruxism therapy before it's too late.


Keep biting irregularities at bay:


Jaw abnormalities can cause chronic headaches and ear discomfort if left untreated. To alleviate your pain, your dentist may suggest night guards, cortisone injections, bite adjustments, or orthodontics and save you from later needed surgical treatments.




A healthy mouth may affect your entire health. Therefore it's essential to pay attention to it. Routine dental exams can alert you by showing early signs of diabetes, heart problems, and a few other serious health issues. You can ensure that your mouth and overall health remain good by getting frequent dental checkups and maintaining excellent oral practices at home.


Contact your dental care provider in Pinole, Dr. Azadeh Hosseini, and Dr. Ghazal Hosseini, at Top Pinole Dental to learn about dental exams. 




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