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Side Effects of Periodontal Disease

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Side Effects of Periodontal Disease

Dr. Hosseini

Infection Including Gum Disease


Proper care of the teeth can never be underestimated. Regular routine brushing and flossing is one of the best ways to keep your teeth in top condition through all stages of life. Failing to maintain proper care of teeth can result in serious damage to the gums, teeth and mouth in general. Keep in mind that poor oral hygiene cannot only result in cavities and gum disease but serious periodontal disease with long-lasting effects. As a matter of fact, periodontal disease can have a direct effect on overall long-term health. The disease can lead to everything from heart disease to stroke and even diabetes. For example, researcher has indicated that gum disease can cause heart disease in people of various ages. Studies have also shown that there may be some other side effects of periodontal disease on cardiac health.


Infection Including Gum Disease


With regard to stroke, scientists have found that periodontal disease may increase the risk of stroke in older adults. A serious oral infection in older individuals can have lasting implications in terms of having a stroke. People who have already been diagnosed with diabetes are proven to be more likely to have gum disease than those who are not living with this type of debilitating disease. In short, diabetes makes it easier to fall victim to infections including gum disease. Not surprisingly, periodontal disease can lead to difficulties associated with diabetes, while diabetes can lead to the possibility of gum disease. In short, when it comes to gum disease and diabetes it is clearly a two-way street.


  • Avoiding the Problems Associated with Periodontal Disease


Avoiding the Problems Associated with Periodontal Disease


In addition, scientific research has shown that the bacteria associated with periodontal disease can eventually lead to respiratory related problems. Those who have gum disease and the associated bacteria in their mouth, can end up with lung related issues and dangerous respiratory diseases. Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain and that is that avoiding the problems associated with periodontal disease can be as easy as maintaining good oral hygiene and dental care. This includes regular route brushing and flossing at home as well as regularly scheduled dental visits with your dental care provider. Professional cleanings and routine examinations are the best way to prevent periodontal disease. Contact your dentist in Pinole, Azadeh Hosseini, DDS or Ghazal Hosseini, DDS at Top Pinole Dental today for more information on periodontal disease and how it affects health.


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