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Professional Teeth Whitening – FAQ

Dr. Hosseini

Everyone deserves to be proud of their smile, and professional teeth whitening is a rapid, noninvasive & effective method to boost your confidence in your smile. The whitening treatment removes stains and discoloration from the enamel of your teeth, making your smile seem more young and healthy. If you've been contemplating whitening your teeth, here are some frequently asked inquiries and solutions.


What is the process of teeth whitening?


First, you'll need to see the dentist couple of times to let him examine your dental health and any underlying problem. Dental cleanings remove plaque and tartar. However, stains can remain in the dentin. The dental bleaching solution combined with oxygen from the air and carbon in the dentin breaks up stained molecules.

 Teeth Whitening 

  • In Laser or Power Whitening, the dentist paints a bleaching substance on your teeth. After this, he will shine a light or laser on them to stimulate the whitening. 
  • For the take-home whitening kit, the dentist will create a mouthguard from an imprint of your teeth and give you bleaching gel instructions. Apply the gel on your mouthguard at home for a few weeks. Some whitening gels may be kept for 8 hours, bringing quicker results.


How effective is teeth whitening done by a professional?


The efficacy of professional teeth whitening relies on the tooth's condition. Professional teeth whitening may whiten teeth 8-9 shades. On the other hand, it usually restores teeth to their whitest possible shade. In most cases, it resembles the tint of the patient's teeth as an adolescent. This treatment effectively removes nicotine, coffee, tea, medicinal, and other dental stains.


Who might benefit from teeth whitening?


Anyone with healthy gums and teeth may benefit from professional teeth whitening. Although, it won't lighten or darken your prior dental work.


Is dental cleaning done later or before teeth whitening? 


Regular dental cleanings are vital for your health and provide the most significant whitening outcomes. Plaque and tartar-free teeth are ideal for teeth whitening. Furthermore, your dentist can whiten your teeth and perform a dental cleaning on the same day. 


Is the procedure painful?


Professional teeth whitening is painless in the vast majority of situations. However, you may experience some sensitivity if your enamel is weak. If that is the case, it should only last a few days.


What is discoloring my teeth?

 Missing Tooth 

Teeth whitening doesn't work on all stains and discolorations. For instance, yellow teeth bleach better than grey, brown, or black teeth. Your dentist can assist you in determining the reason for your discoloration and whether professional whitening can help. Various food and beverages can share the blame for discoloration. Moreover, your dentist might suggest you quit smoking and stop taking a few medications to preserve your whitening procedure. Finally, if a hidden dental condition causes discoloration, it must be fixed first.


Why not perform at-home whitening?


Whitening strips are widely accessible; however, they can't replace professional whitening. DIY whitening might irreversibly damage enamel. When misused, at-home whitening products might produce significant irritation or even no results.


On the other hand, your dentist performs teeth whitening procedures. Consequently, you'll notice spectacular results in a shorter time and much less chance of side effects.


Should I whiten my teeth after getting crowns or implants?


It is crucial to know that before getting a crown, implant, or any restorative or cosmetic dental procedure, schedule your teeth whitening appointment. The material used in crowns or implants doesn't lighten upon cleaning. However, replacing the crown or removing part of the material is feasible to create a lighter overlay to achieve a homogenous smile. 


Contact your dentists in Pinole, Dr. Azadeh Hosseini, and Dr. Ghazal Hosseini at Top Pinole Dental, today to know more about teeth whitening.




Teeth Whitening Advantages


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