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Tips on Preventing Tooth Decay

Dr. Hosseini

There is no doubt that there are many important ways of preventing tooth decay. That said one of the first steps in achieving the goal of avoiding tooth decay is to simply eat right. While many people today enjoy fast food and pleasure foods such as potato chips, candy, ice cream and cake, these are all destructive foods in terms of dental health. A better option is to consider eating fresh, healthy and nutritious food sections of fruits and vegetables. These foods are not only better for the teeth but there are also better for the entire body overall. At the end of the day, diet is simply a choice. 


tooth decay


As Foods Break Down Within the Mouth Bacteria is Formed 


Most importantly, sticky foods that adhere to the enamel of the teeth are perhaps most concerning of all. When foods are allowed to remain on the teeth for several hours or overnight, the end result can be catastrophic over the long term. Keep in mind that as foods break down within the mouth bacteria is formed ultimately releasing acid that is damaging to the tooth enamel. One of the worst things that anybody can possibly do is to go to bed without brushing. This gives bacteria an entire night (while an individual sleeps) to do their dirty work. While missing one night or failing to brush one time is not catastrophic, getting into the habit of doing this regularly can result in serious dental damage. 


tooth decay


A Good Home Dental Health Program 


Finally, flossing and brushing regularly as well as visiting your dental care provider at least twice each year for an examination and professional cleaning along with a good home dental health program can prove successful in preventing cavities. Parents should get in the habit of teaching their children at an early age how to brush properly and how to have a routine of brushing and flossing each and every day. This will pay off over the long term in that it helps children develop good dental health patterns and habits. To learn more about tips on preventing tooth decay contact your dentists in Pinole, Azadeh Hosseini, DDS, and Ghazal Hosseini, DDS at Top Pinole Dental for more insight. 


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