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Orthodontics: What is the Specialty of an Orthodontist?

Many people today often wonder what orthodontics is and what it offers. In short, orthodontics deals with correcting crooked or protruding teeth. Naturally, perfect alignment, while common in some people is not in others. Orthodontics is an area of specialized dentistry that is intended to diagnose, prevent as well as treat facial and dental-related irregularities. Visiting an orthodontist is the first place to begin if you have any of these problems. The goal of orthodontics is to safely readjust teeth into a more correct alignment and ensure the healthy growth of the patient’s jaw.


Misalignments Can Cause Jaw Growth Problems


Misalignments Can Cause Jaw Growth Problems 


Malocclusion’s are the most common types of orthodontic problems. This is when the upper and lower teeth do not meet correctly when the patient bites down. Orthodontic misalignments can cause jaw growth problems, may result in missing teeth and can even result in protruding teeth and gaps between teeth. There are many important reasons to consider orthodontic care for young children as well as adults. Correcting teeth alignment problems with orthodontics is not simply cosmetic in nature but also involves ensuring correct functionality. 


Lack of Proper Oral Hygiene and Dental Care 


Crooked teeth, misaligned teeth and large gaps between the teeth are typically unsightly and can affect self-esteem and self-confidence. That is why it is so important for patients to consider the value of orthodontic care. In addition, along with orthodontic treatment it is absolutely essential to maintain a good home oral hygiene program that involves regular brushing and flossing. Even the straightest teeth can suffer immeasurably from a lack of proper oral hygiene and dental care. Young children should be taught at an early age how to properly brush and floss so that they take care of their teeth well into adulthood in the right way. 


Having Beautiful Teeth Well into The Later Years of Life


Having Beautiful Teeth Well into The Later Years of Life 


Everyone should plan to brush their teeth with a fluoride toothpaste at least twice a day and floss at least once each day. Plan to visit your family dentist for regular routine checkups as well as professional cleanings. In addition, you may consider other important preventative measures like having dental sealants applied and asking your dentist for a stronger strength fluoride rinse. All of these things along with eating the right kinds of food can greatly increase your chances of having beautiful teeth well into the later years of life. Talk with your Pinole dentists, Azadeh Hosseini, DDS, and Ghazal Hosseini, DDS at Top Pinole Dental today to learn more about orthodontic care. Your Pinole dentists are always standing by and ready to help. 




Orthodontics: What is the Specialty of an Orthodontist?