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Learn More About Teeth Whitening Technologies

Learn More About Tooth Whitening Technologies


Today, a lot of people are eager to learn more about teeth whiting technology. As a matter of fact modern teeth whitening technologies and all that it makes possible is more popular today than ever before. Best of all it is safe and affordable. First, we should understand exactly what tooth whitening is as well as what it can do for you. In the simplest of terms it is a process that uses safe and effective chemicals such as human-grade bleach to make the teeth whiter.


Licensed Dentist


The teeth whitening technologies in use today are routine dental treatments that get the most impressive results when performed by a dental care provider. Conversely, some people choose to have this type of procedure performed at a beauty salon or even at home. Keep in mind that only a licensed dentist should apply dental whitening agents. This is especially true for solutions a professional dental care provider is only authorized to apply.


Teeth Whitening


Mouth Protector


The actual process may require several visits and may take a few months to fully complete. Generally speaking, the dental professional will take a mold impression of the patient’s teeth to make a mouth protector. The patient is instructed on how to use it with the bleaching gel. You can simply apply the gel for a given period of time over a timeframe of two to four weeks. Some professional solutions require being left in contact with the teeth for up to eight hours per application.


Bleach Solution


Other options include laser whitening, which is sometimes referred to as energy type bleaching. In this situation the bleaching solution is in effect painted directly onto the tooth surface with laser light that is used to activate the bleaching solution. As a final note, most home teeth whitening products contain very low levels of bleach solution and therefore are usually not very effective at whitening teeth in a very noticeable way. Contact your Pinole dentists, Dr. Azadeh Hosseini and Dr. Ghazal Hosseini at Top Pinole Dental today to learn more about the best tooth whitening technologies.


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