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Do Mouthwashes Work?

Yes, mouthwashes do work against bad breath and germs. Following good oral hygiene is the first step towards a beautiful smile and confidence. Bad breath and yellow teeth are bad for your oral health and digestive system and decrease your confidence while speaking. Wearing a bright smile with confidence elevates one’s mood.


Mouthwashes help get rid of piled-up plaque and kill any germs still inside despite brushing and flossing. They won’t take long, so they are the best when it comes to getting a fresh mouth and breath in no time. Also, they are travel-friendly, and you can use them anytime, anywhere. But mouthwashes are not the substitute for brushing and flossing as they will only penetrate and kill the germs but are unable to remove the food leftovers. So, if you are using a mouthwash, use it with brushing and flossing, and do not depend on mouthwashes alone.


How to use a mouthwash?


You can use a mouthwash after brushing your teeth or after having a meal. Keep the mouthwash for about one minute or thirty seconds in your mouth, and then rinse it off. Their effect lasts for about 12 hours, so using a mouthwash two times a day is more than enough. Some mouthwashes only work against bad breath, while some are germ killers and teeth whiteners. You cannot get instant white teeth after using the mouthwash once or twice, but you will see the results after gradual use.


How to choose a mouthwash?




Selecting a mouthwash on your own which fights all the problems is sometimes not easy. If you are looking for a mouthwash that targets your specific situation, get your dentist’s recommendation. They may recommend you a strong mouthwash that can cure your problem faster with leaving no side effects. But for available mouthwashes, go for those which have fluoride as their ingredient. Fluoride prevents cavities and teeth decay. Peroxides are suitable for teeth whitening, and astringent salt or odor controllers are for bad breath. The main element should be microbicidal or antimicrobials to kill all the residing germs. You can easily find some good mouthwashes at departmental stores or pharmacies.


Can you use a mouthwash daily?


Incorporating mouthwashes into your daily routine is a good step towards oral hygiene. A good medicated mouthwash can kill the germs residing inside your teeth due to improper cleaning or any other reasons. You can use it after brushing or after having a meal as it freshens the breath and kills a bad smell. If you have a bad breath problem, it is the best option to avoid any embarrassment. Sometimes even after flossing, some germs do not come out and cause plaque or gum infections like periodontitis and gingivitis.




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*Neither this nor any other content in this media is meant to prescribe, recommend, or prevent any treatment or procedure. It is highly recommended that you get the advice of a qualified dentist or other medical practitioners regarding your specific dental condition.