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Do I Need a Professional Teeth Deep Cleaning?

Dr. Hosseini

Do I Need a Professional Teeth Deep Cleaning


Having your teeth cleaned professionally at regular intervals can only serve to benefit overall dental health and oral hygiene. Understanding what a teeth deep cleaning is will help you better prepare for maintaining good oral hygiene going forward. After understanding what a teeth deep cleaning is the next question becomes “do I need a professional type of cleaning of this nature.” The answer to this simple question is that if a patient is beginning to show signs of gum disease than a deep cleaning of the teeth is highly recommended. The first thing that a dentist typically does to determine if a deep cleaning is necessary is check the depth or the spaces of the periodontal pockets located between teeth and gums.


Excessively Deep Spaces May Point to Early Stages of Gum Disease


If limits have been exceeded in this regard then a deep cleaning is clearly advised. Your dentist will use something known as a periodontal probe to measure the spaces between the teeth and gums. Keep in mind that excessively deep spaces may point to early stages of gum disease. The deep cleaning is intended to reverse gum disease resulting in better oral health. The main objective of a deep cleaning of the teeth is to remove plaque and tartar from the teeth as well as below the patient’s gum line. If periodontal disease is excessive in nature then the actual root of the tooth may require cleaning. This is known as root planing.


Avoiding Periodontitis or Gum Disease is Absolutely Essential


Avoiding Periodontitis or Gum Disease is Absolutely Essential


Perhaps one of the first steps in maintaining the very best in dental health and oral hygiene is to simply brush and floss regularly at home. This combined with regular dental checkups and professional cleanings will help to avoid the necessity for a deep cleaning of the teeth. Avoiding periodontitis or gum disease is absolutely essential to maintaining long-term dental health and wellness. As a note, some patients may experience tooth sensitivity as well as soreness and even light bleeding for a few days after a deep cleaning including root planning. This is normal and your teeth will recover quickly usually within a few days. Talk with your dentists in Pinole, CA, Azadeh Hosseini, DDS and Ghazal Hosseini, DDS at Top Pinole Dental for more information on good dental health and teeth deep cleaning.


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