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Digital X-Rays in Modern Dentistry

Dr. Hosseini

  • Digital X-Rays


While it is true that film x-rays used in dentistry years ago, and in some cases still used today, offered patients health advantages not possible otherwise, digital x-rays are far superior. Here are just a few reasons why digital dental x-rays are so advantageous to dental patients today. Comparing digital dental x-rays vs. film x-rays, digital ones are healthier because they produce up to 70% less radiation than more traditional film x-rays. Another clear advantage of using this type of technology when it comes to modern dentistry is that it simply takes less time and is much easier to process as compared to film.


Less Pain and Less Discomfort


Equally impressive is the fact that today’s modern digital x-rays offer streamlined design. This means that there is less pain and less discomfort when patients have x-rays taken. The sharp edges of traditional film often cut and cause abrasions in the mouth. While traditional film x-rays for dentistry certainly helped dentists over the years, they are not able to produce the viewing quality found in their digital counterpart. One thing that dentists and patients alike really enjoy about digital dental x-rays is that they are instant and real time. This means that dental problems can be detected quicker and more accurately. Unlike film x-rays, digital means there is virtually no waiting time involved in terms of seeing the final product. Digital x-rays along with a wide range of other modern dental advances means less time in the chair for patients. When patients have shorter visits there is less anxiety and improved overall quality of care.


  • Digital Imaging is Less Expensive


Digital Imaging is Less Expensive


With so much to offer it is clear to see why digital x-rays for dentistry have become the standard in most practices today. These types of x-rays can be quickly transferred from one dentist to another or to a specialist as necessary. Being portable, digital images can follow a patient to anywhere imaging is needed. Digital imaging is less expensive and is also more environmentally friendly making it a win, win situation for all involved. Regardless the type of x-rays used, the clear advantage is that the dentist is able to see things that would otherwise go unnoticed. This results in better dental care and better overall dental health for patients of all ages. To learn more about digital dental x-rays and all that they make possible contact your Pinole dentists, Azadeh Hosseini, DDS and Ghazal Hosseini, DDS at Top Pinole Dental today.


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