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Difference Between Dentures and Partial Dentures

People who have lost a large number of teeth often turn to dentures and partial dentures as a way to create a more attractive smile. Whether it is complete dentures or partial dentures, one thing is sure and that is that people have choices today when it comes to restoring a beautiful and attractive look. First of all, partial dentures simply are a removable type of denture that is a good option for some patients. Partials are ideal for those who still have a large number of healthy remaining teeth. Partials are sometimes referred to simply as fixed bridges. The difference being that fixed bridges are permanent in nature while partial dentures can be removed. 


Large Numbers of Missing Teeth


Large Numbers of Missing Teeth


In comparison, complete dentures are sometimes referred to as full dentures and can be an excellent restoration solution for those who have lost all or almost all of their teeth. Whether they fall out naturally or are extracted, when a large number of teeth are missing, complete dentures might be the perfect solution to the problem. Generally speaking, full dentures are used for patients who have large numbers of missing teeth on both the upper and lower row. If there are just a few remaining natural teeth they will likely be removed to accommodate the new complete denture. 


Older Individuals are Turning to Dentures 


With so much to offer it is clear to see why more patients than ever before, especially older individuals are turning to dentures and partial dentures as a way to replace lost teeth. From having a more attractive smile to improved functionality and being able to laugh, smile and eat and drink normally, dentures play a vital and important role in overall dental health and wellness. As a matter fact, this type of dental solution has been around for many years and has helped countless patients enjoy a better quality of life. 


Dental Implants


Dental Implants 


One alternative to dentures that many people consider is that of dental implants. While some people find it inconvenient to have to remove dentures at night, with dental implants your dentist can create a permanent snap-in type denture that will not shift, slide or move. This is a smart alternative that many people are considering today. Taking dental care to the next level including for older individuals simply involves determining which dental solution is best for your needs. Whether it is a complete denture or a partial denture or even dental implants, only you and your dentist can determine the best course of action. Contact your Pinole dentists, Dr. Azadeh Hosseini, and Dr. Ghazal Hosseini at Top Pinole Dental for more information about dentures and partial dentures. 


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