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Dental Surgery and Dental Health

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Dental Surgery and Dental Health

Dr. Hosseini

  • Dental Surgery and Dental Health


There are dental situations today that simply will require some level of dental surgery in order to repair the problem. The good news is that dental surgery is very routine today and generally painless especially with the right type of dental sedation. This kind of surgical procedure is usually done to remove teeth that have become infected, damaged or severely decayed. Tooth extraction is one of the most common types of dental surgery. Wisdom teeth are also another common type of extraction that involves surgical dentistry. In addition, severe cases of periodontal disease may require having dental surgery as a way to help improve dental health and wellness.


Eating the Wrong Types of Foods Can Result in Complications


During the actual surgical procedure, your dental care provider will use dental sedation. In the procedure, the patient may feel a slight amount of pressure or movement but virtually no pain. Local anesthesia along with general anesthesia may also be used. Following any type of dental surgery, the patient receives instructions from the dentist regarding follow-up care. In many cases it may be important to be careful with what you eat and drink. This is especially true because eating the wrong types of foods can result in complications. Taking over-the-counter medications helps to alleviate pain in the days following surgery. Wisdom teeth and impacted teeth as mentioned are the most common types of surgical treatments required today. Teeth that emerge from the gum-line normally will typically not require surgery.


  • Dental Surgery Helps to Relieve Discomfort


Dental Surgery Helps to Relieve Discomfort


That said, there are many instances where a tooth will not emerge correctly or at all. When this happens, dental surgery is usually the best option. Molars that fail to emerge or that emerge misaligned are known as impacted teeth. This type of tooth is literally trapped between the gums and the jawbone. Dental surgery helps to relieve the discomfort associated with impacted teeth. Impacted teeth can produce pain, swelling and even infection. Surgical procedures are an effective way of helping to prevent more serious problems. With so much to offer it is clear to see why oral surgery has become such an important part of overall dental care. Even those having dental implants placed will require some amount of surgical procedures. Talk with your dentists in Pinole, Azadeh Hosseini, DDS and Ghazal Hosseini, DDS at Top Pinole Dental today for more information on surgical dentistry in Pinole, CA and the surrounding areas.


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