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Dental Bridge Vs Partial Denture, Advantage And Disadvantages

Dr. Hosseini

It Takes Time To Get Use To The Way It Fits


Those who are missing one or more teeth have several options when it comes to replacement technology. For example, there are traditional full or partial dentures and then there are permanent dental bridges. The main goal of any tooth replacement technology is to provide the best in oral health and dental hygiene based on a patient’s specific needs and lifestyle. Keep in mind that every single tooth in your mouth is important to overall proper dental functionality. Even one missing tooth can change your entire bite as well as your facial structure and speech.


It Takes Time To Get Use To The Way It Fits


Most importantly, missing teeth can cause other teeth to shift and move out of place. With partial dentures, the intent is to replace multiple missing teeth. A partial denture is made of a mold plate that looks just like natural gums. The molded plate is affixed with the necessary replacement teeth to create a more natural look. With a partial denture, it takes time to get use to the way it fits. In addition, patients must learn how to insert, remove and clean the appliance as necessary. That said, sometimes a dental bridge may be the better option. With dental bridges a gap of one or multiple teeth can be restored in a permanent and lasting way.


It Takes Time To Get Use To The Way It Fits


Creating A Seamless And Natural Look


As a matter of fact, a bridge is permanently cemented or bonded to naturally existing teeth. All that is required is to prepare the natural teeth with the crown or place a dental implant to hold the bridge firmly in place. Once this is accomplished false teeth can then be placed between them creating a seamless and natural look. A bridge is highly functional and can replace a vibrant and attractive smile in ways that would otherwise not be possible. Determining which option is best for you may be as simple as talking with your dental care provider. Contact your professional dentists in Pinole, Dr. Azadeh Hosseini, and Dr. Ghazal Hosseini at Top Pinole Dental today for more information on dental bridge vs partial denture.


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