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Benefits of Porcelain Fixed Bridges

When for one reason or another a tooth goes missing, it is sometimes necessary to consider having a dental bridge placed. The benefits of porcelain fixed bridges can greatly improve not only appearance but also functionality. Keep in mind that when a tooth goes missing, it is not simply a cosmetic issue but also a functional issue. In other words, not replacing a missing tooth can cause other problems later on down the road. 


Stay Proactive Whenever a Tooth Goes Missing


Stay Proactive Whenever a Tooth Goes Missing 


For example, when a tooth that has gone missing is left untreated, the end result can be that other teeth shift and move out of place. This can change one’s bite and cause a wide range of problems including everything from chipped teeth to cracked teeth and malocclusion. That is why it is so important to stay proactive whenever a tooth goes missing or has been extracted. One of the best options has always been a standard bridge. However, a standard bridge is not permanently cemented in place and can shift and slide. That is why more people than ever before are turning to porcelain fixed bridges as a real and viable option.


Talking and Laughing More Confidently


As a matter of fact, a porcelain fixed bridge is one of the best ways to restore appearance and functionality when teeth have gone missing. A fixed bridge that is made of porcelain is permanently placed so that there is no shifting, sliding or slipping of the dental device. This provides for added self-esteem and self-confidence for individuals who have lost one tooth or more. When you have confidence that your bridge will not slide or slip, you can enjoy eating, talking and laughing more confidently. In short, your smile and your confidence will benefit greatly from all that modern porcelain fixed bridges have to offer. 


Stay Healthy and Strong


Stay Healthy and Strong 


Best of all, by having a porcelain fixed bridge placed you can be sure that your remaining natural teeth will stay healthy and strong. Understanding the basics when it comes to porcelain fixed bridges and their benefits is important to maintaining long-term dental health throughout your entire life. Talking with your dental care provider is the best way to know for sure whether a standard bridge or porcelain fixed bridge will suit your dental needs the best. Years of experience in working with dental patients means that your dental care provider will offer you the best options. Contact your Pinole dentist, Dr. Azadeh Hosseini, and Dr. Ghazal Hosseini at Top Pinole Dental today to learn more about the benefits of porcelain fixed bridges. 


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