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Extracting Wisdom Teeth

Dr. Hosseini

There are several good reasons why extracting wisdom teeth to prevent future oral health problems might be considered. For example, one of the most obvious reasons that a wisdom tooth should be extracted as a way to prevent future oral health problems is that it could have become impacted. Because wisdom teeth generally come in later in life, they are more frequently involved with not erupting properly. When a tooth does not erupt the way that it should it stays under the gumline and is impacted. This can cause disease, pain and even damage to surrounding teeth.


No Pain Associated With Wisdom Teeth Related Problems


No Pain Associated with Wisdom Teeth Related Problems


Most dental care providers agree that extracting a wisdom tooth that is impacted is usually the best course of action. An impacted tooth may press against the roots of surrounding teeth and cause damage. This can increase the risk of dental disease and result in eventual tooth loss. Because there is almost always no pain associated with wisdom teeth related problems of this nature, the only way to know for sure is to have dental imaging done and to have a dental care provider examine your teeth completely. Talk with your dentist to find out what options are available with regard to having a wisdom tooth removed.


A Wisdom Tooth May Partially Erupt


A Wisdom Tooth May Partially Erupt


Another concern with regard to wisdom teeth that are not extracted is that they may eventually cause crowding of the teeth and teeth to become crooked. In other cases, a wisdom tooth may partially erupt causing gum related problems. In short there are a multitude of situations that may require the removal of a wisdom tooth. Simply ignoring wisdom teeth related problems is not a good option. This is because eventual damage can occur when wisdom teeth that are not properly aligned or fully erupted and allowed to remain in place. Consult with your dental care provider to know for sure which option is best with regard to the removal of a wisdom tooth. Contact your dentists in Pinole, Dr. Azadeh Hosseini and Ghazal Hosseini at Top Pinole Dental, today to learn more.


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