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Dental Composite Fillings and Modern Dentistry

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Dental Composite Fillings and Modern Dentistry

Dental Composite Filling and Modern Dentistry


Sometimes referred to as dental resin-based composites or simply resin fillings, dental composite is a unique type of synthetic material that is used in dentistry for restorative purposes. Dental composite fillings have unique and special properties that help patients far more than other types of materials. The main objective is to repair a cavity in the best way possible. Although there are many different types of resin-based composites, some are more popular than others.


Carefully Engineered To Last Over The Long Term


Dental composite is a unique type of polymer with filler material like silica that is a popular modern dental filling material. From a scientific standpoint the longevity of dental composite fillings is considered very good in today’s modern dentistry. Today composites are carefully engineered to last for the long term. One of the key aspects of getting the most out of resin or composite fillings is being sure that an experienced and skilled dental professional is doing the placement work. In other words even the best composite material available today is of little use if it is not placed properly for the patient.


Always Up-To-Date on Dental Exams and Cleanings


Always Up-To-Date on Dental Exams and Cleanings


Along with having cavities addressed in a timely manner it is equally important to make sure that you always are up-to-date on dental exams and cleanings. Regular home dental care that is detailed and routine along with dental exams every six months and professional cleanings will help to ensure the best in dental health throughout a patient’s entire lifetime. While composite fillings are an excellent solution for cavities, the best approach is to never allow cavities to form in the first place. Contact your dentist in Pinole, Dr. Hosseini at Top Pinole Dental today to learn more about cavity prevention and dental fillings when they are required.


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