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Dental Bone Grafting: Who Really Needs It?

Dental bone grafting today is commonly used as a way to help patients who have lost teeth or patients with poor bone mass in their jaw. It is typically a successful treatment that can allow for patients who previously would not be able to receive a dental implant to subsequently have dental implants placed. The procedure is simple in that bone sourced from other parts of the body is placed in the jaw. This is to provide additional support and added bone mass. Conversely, there are other instances where animal bone or synthetic bone as well as bone from cadavers can be used for the same purpose. Either way, the end result is additional adequate bone so that dental implants can be placed.


Bone Grafting Surgery


Bone Grafting Surgery


When a bone graft is placed, the dentist or oral surgeon will make a small incision into the jaw and attach or graft the sourced bone material into the area of the jaw where it is needed. Those with gum disease, or those who have simply lost teeth are typically good candidates for bone grafting surgery. When asking about bone grafting and who really needs it, there are several likely candidates. For example, someone with excessive bone loss may have a facial disfiguration. This is a case where bone can be added to the jaw in order to rebuild the underlying facial structure. 


Anyone with Gum Disease or Tooth Loss 


Equally common is dental bone grafting used for those with an excessive number of missing teeth. Those who require multiple implants and who lack adequate bone mass in the jaw are usually a perfect candidate for bone grafting. In addition, anyone with gum disease or tooth loss as a result of gum disease would likely benefit from bone grafting. This helps to stabilize the jawbone and reduce the chances of additional bone loss. Note that any time gum disease is ignored or poorly managed, there will likely be additional tooth loss over time. In more extreme cases, gum disease can lead to heart disease and other health problems. 


Cost and Time of Treatment


Cost and Time of Treatment 


Finally, keep in mind that bone grafting is generally not painful with today’s modern dentistry and is surprisingly affordable especially for those who have the proper insurance. There are many factors that go into considering what is involved with bone grafting in terms of cost and time of treatment. For example, the amount of bone that must be harvested will have an impact on these factors. To learn more about dental bone grafting and who really needs it, contact your dentists in Pinole, Azadeh Hosseini, DDS, and Ghazal Hosseini, DDS at Top Pinole Dental today. 


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