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Athletes and Good Dental Health

While good oral health and dental hygiene is important to overall long-term general health, it is curious to find that many athletes actually have bad teeth. Regardless of whether or not someone is an athlete, good dental health, maintaining a strict home dental care regimen and having regular routine dental checkups is essential. In many cases professional athletes maintain an extremely busy lifestyle often sacrificing good dental health in the process. Regardless of how busy an individual is, it is essential to brush and floss each day and to have bi-annual dental checkups and professional cleanings.


Greater incidence of tooth decay


Greater Incidence of Tooth Decay


When these basic practices go by the wayside, dental health suffers. Many studies have indicated that professional athletes end up with a greater incidence of tooth decay as compared to similar adult aged individuals. In addition, many athletes, may be surprised to know that using tobacco products is harmful to teeth. Smoking combined with a poor diet has a very damaging effect on teeth. Athletes also tend to drink sports drinks and eat sugary foods. All this combined with a lack of attention to regular oral care while on the road or at home results in serious dental related problems.


Trauma to the teeth


Trauma to The Teeth


Equally of concern is that of traumatic injury to the teeth. It goes without saying that those who are involved in high-impact sports activities tend to see an increased incidence of impact related injuries to the teeth and mouth. From chipped teeth to soft tissue injuries and dislodge teeth, there are many cases where impacts with another player or sports equipment results in serious trauma to teeth. As a note, any time a tooth is dislodge it is important to seek out emergency dental care as quickly as possible. Athletes wishing to maintain good dental health must consider lifestyle and diet and make any necessary changes required to protect their teeth. Contact your dental healthcare provider or dentists in Pinole, Dr. Azadeh Hosseini and Dr. Ghazal Hosseini at Top Pinole Dental, today for more information on athletes and good dental health.


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