How Long Does A Root Canal Take?

The good news is that root canal therapy is a highly effective technique that is used to save a tooth that would otherwise be lost. Perhaps most amazing of all is the fact that most root canals can be completed in under an hour. As a matter of fact the process of numbing a tooth […]

Dental Emergencies

Dental Emergencies And What Should Be Done

Anytime you experience any type of dental distress it is best to reach for the phone and contact your dental care provider as quickly as possible. Most dental care professionals today offer care that is available outside of normal business hours. This includes holidays and weekends. Dental emergencies are more common than most people might […]

Implant Options

My Dental Implant Options

Today more than ever before people of all ages are turning to dental implants as a way to improve both their smile and functionality. The technology has been perfected to such a degree that it is one of the best solutions for missing natural teeth that is offered today. With very high success rates and […]

Root Canal is Virtually Painless

Some people may be surprised to learn that root canal treatment is virtually painless. For many years the conventional wisdom was that root canal treatment is a very painful event. This is in fact simply not the case. In truth, root canal therapy is a smart and effective solution to a common dental problem. It […]

Dental Composite Fillings and Modern Dentistry

Sometimes referred to as dental resin-based composites or simply resin fillings, dental composite is a unique type of synthetic material that is used in dentistry for restorative purposes. Dental composite fillings have unique and special properties that help patients far more than other types of materials. The main objective is to repair a cavity in […]