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What Is Root Canal Therapy?

Dr. Hosseini

Root canal therapy is done after your teeth' complete development and growth. Root canal therapy treats almost 14 to 15 million teeth every year. RCT is one of the types of endodontic treatments, which means "inside the tooth."


The pulp under the crown of the teeth has blood vessels and nerves to supply the blood to the tooth. It is more prone to get infected than other layers of the tooth. During root canal therapy, the pulp is thoroughly cleaned and filled with a non-dangerous material to avoid the pain and cavities caused by infections.


How Much Does A Root Canal Cost?


The cost of a root canal depends upon the number of teeth and type of teeth. Molars cost more than the anterior ones. Sometimes the initial procedures like medication, anesthesia, and X-rays are included in the total cost, which costs more than the shown or written price of the root canal only.


Myths About Root Canal:



  • Root Canal Cause Pain: The biggest misbelief is that root canal treatment hurts. It was the case decades ago, but now with the advancement in therapy and medicine, it has been reduced to almost no pain at all. The latest anesthetics give you the relief and numbness you need to get the treatment without causing any discomfort.
  • It Requires Many Visits To Get The Root Canal Treatment: The process of only root canals needs only two trips to the clinic. The visit before getting the treatment is done to know the place and condition of your teeth to see if you need the RCT or not. The dentist will suggest the appropriate and affordable treatment for your problem. The visit after getting the treatment is to ensure the propert and regular working of the teeth and avoid further complications and infections.
  • Root Canal Causes Illness: The illness is due to the infections, and the root canal is done to remove infections. The myth of root canal causing illness is based on poor research. There is no such disease or illness associated with the root canal.
  • Dental Crowns Ultimately Lead To Root Canals: Any dental treatment is processed further after ensuring the complete elimination of any infection and making the treatment secure and safe. The teeth are cleaned deeply before applying the dental crowns. The pressure of the crowns is kept bearable for the tooth so that it doesn't damage the nerves and vessels of the tooth's pulp. The pulp remains intact from getting dental crowns to living with having crowns on.




Root canal treatment is tricky and requires an experienced dentist to perform the treatment. However, once it's done, it does not leave any after-effect. If you are planning or going to get the treatment, consult with your dentist about your confusion and do not believe in any myths, as millions of people get RCT every year without any side effects.


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How Long Does A Root Canal Treatment Take?


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