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Sedation Dentistry Explained

Dr. Hosseini

What Is Sedation Dentistry?


Sleep dentistry or sedation dentistry helps patients to enjoy a wide range of simple to complex dental procedures without anxiety or pain. Through sedation dentistry, discomfort and pain can be completely eliminated so that patients are able to relax as dental work is being performed. In short, sedation dentistry involves the dentist providing a drug prior to or during a dental procedure. From local anesthesia to general anesthesia and other types of relaxation modalities, there are many opportunities for patients who prefer an option in this regard.


Helps Patients To Relax During A Dental Procedure


For example, nitrous oxide is a gas that helps the patient to greatly relax during a dental procedure. Perhaps most unique of all with regard to nitrous oxide is that it is fast to dissipate so that a patient may be able to drive home following the procedure. Equally important are oral sedatives. Oral sedatives are a type of oral medication that helps patients to relax during a dental procedure. They are typically taken orally about an hour before a dental appointment. With oral sedatives, the patient is fully awake but far less anxious.


Put The Patient To Sleep Until The Drug Has Worn Off


Put The Patient To Sleep Until The Drug Has Worn Off


In other instances patients may require intravenous sedatives. This is the type of sedative that is administered via IV. It is also known as general anesthesia and will put the patient to sleep until the drug has worn off. Every patient and every dental situation is unique and different and that is what is important to consult with your dental care provider before making an ultimate decision with regard to sedation dentistry. That said with so much to offer it is clear to see why sedation dentistry is so important in today’s world of modern dentistry. Talk with your dentist in Pinole, Dr. Azadeh Hosseini and Dr. Ghazal Hosseini at Top Pinole Dental for more information on sleep dentistry and all that it makes possible.


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